Paintwork for busy areas

Paintwork for busy areas
  • May 14, 2011

Paintwork for busy areas

Our units were built around 1971 and have the original stairwells and doors.

Blair personally painted these units and worked with the unit holders to choose colours that would give the building a lift and handle day to day use in public areas.

The picture is how the paintwork approximately after 2 years looks now.
There is no visible difference now than when it was freshly painted - a couple of minor scuff marks in hallways is all that is noticable.

I can remember Blair saying things like - "these doors have not ever been sanded back properly" yet we had numerous painting contractors through.

The contractors would often hack through it in a couple of days and it would look quite shabby within a year.
Blair on the other hand appeared to be preparing for most of the job - the actual painting seemed relatively quick compared to the meticulous preparation.

Talking to Blair recently about this - I asked how can someone tell if the work carried out is going to last.

The best way in reality is actually visit a job a couple of years on from when it was painted a look at how the paintwork is holding up.
Gold Coast Salt Air
It is probably very difficult to compare 2 quotes without really knowing what type of preparation work is done for the paintwork. Gold Coast is alive with moisture and salt hence fixtures and fittings around paintwork will often show signs of wear or corrosion. How the painter addresses these issues is important to the long term look of the work.

We had no idea that previous contractors were not sanding back the doors properly and whether they were using premium brands and premium products from those brands.

Blair also - helped choose colours removed all door knobs and provided some alternatives for replacing the numbers on each door - the results are clearly better than anything previously done.

We our now working on replacing the tiles in the hallways of the stairwells and recently another owner mentioned to me - we had better get Blair around to help us with colours and textures.


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