How to Paint a Wall with a Roller

How to Paint a Wall with a Roller
  • Jan 16, 2020

How to Paint a Wall with a Roller


Can't wait to start rolling the wall? Some preparation is required first.

The wall surface needs to be level with any cracks or indents fixed and sanded. Blair uses a special light to detect any imperfections.

Cut it in using a paint brush to paint areas that are too tight for rollers.

Choose a paint and a colour appropriate for the wall and the space. Remember to Consider the light.

Painting Technique

Like a paint brush you need plenty of paint on the brush. When using a roller for a wall the same applies. Start away from the edge to avoid a thick edge from your roller.

Roll down, but not all of the way to the bottom. Then roll up but not all the way to the top. Go right to the top when there is not a lot of paint left. Then go right to the bottom. This avoids the paint being too thick and dripping. So you are only rolling right to the top and right to the bottom when there is less paint on the roller.

A right-handed painter would normally work right to left. Always have your roller tray close by.

Repeat the process so the wall is covered smoothly and evenly. Your final rolls will be light to achieve that perfect texture. Best results are acheived with the best preparation. If your wall is not prepared and cut in properly not amount of technique in the rolling we get the result you want.

Dual Colours Corner Wall

Critical Eye

It gets tricky where two colours meet or a feature wall is required. You will be looking at your paintwork for a long time so a critical eye is required.

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