Re-Painting Timber Doors

Re-Painting Timber Doors
  • Apr 4, 2014

Re-Painting Timber Doors

Re-painted garage door

Clear coated timber doors are a real problem if the recoating is not kept up.

Once the coating has broken down it is quite a mission to totally remove coating and start fresh.

By scraping finish off with a tungsten blade, then sanding with a good random orbital sander, we achieve a finish as shown in the prepared photo.

Stains from water entering the timber: after coating has fully broken down in places, especially in cedar, stains are not always removable leaving visible signs in the finished product.

The ideal way to stop this from happening is to coat the door every 12 to 18 Months it sounds like a lot but it's better than waiting 5 years & having to spend much more resurfacing the door and it will never look as good as the original with regular upkeep.

Doors Painted Fast

Doors Painted Fast check the video of the door being painted


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