The Path of the Sun

The Path of the Sun
  • Oct 31, 2022

The Path of the Sun

The path of the sun affects the design and colours needed for your home.

The earth is tilted. The trajectory of the sun even varies slightly from year to year. The Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice also vary slightly.

True or solar north is not the same as magnetic north on a compass. Solar north can be significantly different from magnetic north, depending on where you live. When orientating for the sun's trajectory it is true north that counts.

Sun Path Gold Coast

Summer Solstice

Usually the longest day of the year around 21st of December in the Southern Hemisphere.

Winter Solstice

Usually the shortest day of the year around the 22nd of June in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Colour Choices

In our post on The Psychology of Colour it discusses the emotions that colour reveal. The available light, path of the sun and the requirements for shade are also choices to make. Even choices like how the garden will evolve over time affect the colour choices.


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