Standing the test of time

Standing the test of time
  • Apr 26, 2011

Standing the test of time

We have had painters do various jobs at our units at Main Beach where I have lived for over 20 years.
It is a tidy block of units but is showing its age.

Having a friend who is a painter - just about every time he would look at the job afterwards there would always be a comment.

Why did they use that colour on that?


This should have been this paint and not this?

When the stair wells came up for a repaint I contacted the body corp and asked if Blair could submit a quote.

That was in 2009 and the paitwork in a busy stair well is still looking great. The choice of colours lifted the quality of the building.

The big difference I noticed was Blair's preparation work - it seemed most of the time was actually preparing the surfaces for painting.

A nice touch was the colour combination of off white and silver door numbers.
Premium paints were used that could handle common areas well.

Other tennants have commented on how proffessional the job was. It still looks like it was just painted.
Our body corportate manager was so impressed with Blair's work she had some paint work done in her kitchen as well.


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